2021 READINGS    

   March 11,  April 14, May 12

via zoom        7-8pm

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"I admit I was inspired! After the event, I actually ended up writing my first poem in years."                                                                         --BCCC student

poetry +  improvisation

no river twice is a multi-vocal, improvisational poetry reading and collaboration in which audience and poets interact to decide the direction of the performance from beginning to end, poem by poem, co-creating a reading that is truly never the same event twice. We don't improvise the poems, just everything else. Selections, order, themes and tone are a surprise to all of us.

our mission:

To create invigorated, communal poetry readings where audiences participate actively with a group

of poets to determine the direction, theme, subject,

tone of each reading, creating a new experience on each occasion; and to promote and encourage the

art and craft of poetry as a connective, playful, and communal experience.

"No one steps in the same river twice, because it's not the same river and they're not the same person." 


next performance:


  April 14, 2021


via zoom 

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