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No River Twice is a multi-vocal, improvisational poetry reading and collaboration in which audience and poets interact to decide the direction of the performance from beginning to end, poem by poem, co-creating a reading that is truly never the same event twice. We don't improvise the poems, just everything else. Selections, order, themes and tone are a surprise to all of us.

Our mission:

To create invigorated, communal poetry readings where audiences participate actively with a group

of poets to determine the direction, theme, subject,

tone of each reading, creating a new experience on each occasion; and to promote and encourage the

art and craft of poetry as a connective, playful, and communal experience.

We are out jumping in various bodies of water this summer!
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"No one steps in the same river twice, because it's not the same river and they're not the same person." 



We have solved our ZOOM issues! Sorry if you were locked out of a reading! 

(but you probably needed a zoom break, anyway) 

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jump in!

Kids Jumping into the Lake
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