who we are

We are a group of poets interested in creating community

by connecting audiences to poetry in meaningful and playful ways

that surprise, move, and delight 

(and that don't make anyone feel stupid or bored to tears) 


what we do

We start with one of our poets' randomly selected poems 

and we improvise the reading, poem by poem, through audience suggestion,  

following different threads, juxtapositions & themes, finding new connections,

until we come to an ending.

We don't know where we are headed and neither do you. 

At the end of the reading we make a poem (called a cento) out of the connecting lines of the poems read and that's the poem the audience has created!

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Hayden Saunier



Grant Clauser


Liz Chang


Chad Frame


 Vasiliki  Katsarou

"I admit I was inspired! I went home and wrote the first poem I'd written in years!"                                                                                                                                           --   BCCC student



Wednesday 12/8  7pm

via Zoom


next performance:

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